• EKG - E60

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      С предварителна поръчка
      Арт. №: E60
      3/6/12-lead, easy-to-use, intuitive device.

      Product details:

      • multi-channel print format 3/6/12 channels or rhythm
      • high resolution thermal printer
      • dual power supply: net and battery
      • inline connector to the PC RS232
      • copy print
      • signalling of disconnected electrodes
      • autotest of the ECG apparatus
      • tactile functional keypad
      • manual and automatic recording modes
      • ECG parameters measurement program
      • rhythm analysis
      • easy adaptation to the new needs of user


      • E 600 WIN program for ECG device cooperation with a personal computer
      • archivisation of examinations
      • ECG signals observation in real time on the screen of a personal computer
      • ability of printing process of examinations on personal computer printer

      Additional equipment: carrying bag, trolley.