• Dental Piezoelectric scalers. mectron

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      The mectron range now consists of the following:

      • PIEZOSURGERY®. The original dedicated piezoelectric surgical devices for many oral surgery indications (PIEZOSURGERY® touch and PIEZOSURGERY® 3).

      • Surgical Equipment. Special solutions for clinical interventions like sinus lift procedures (Sinus Physiolift® II) or crestal split technique (bone expanders) are offered.

      • Piezoelectric scalers. mectron produces and distributes both multi-purpose table-top versions with its own water supply (multipiezo pro touch, multipiezo touch, piezo smart) and an extremely compact version for connection to the water supply (micropiezo). Ultrasonic devices for dental units are also available (compact piezo and compact piezo LED).

      • Bicarbonate jet polishers. mectron offers jet polishers for supra- as well as for subgingival use. The range consists of a conventional table-top unit (turbodent) and quick-fitting polishers for connection to a turbine (easyjet pro and easyjet perio), plus a special device for prophylactic treatment that combines a piezoelectric scaler and a jet polisher (combi).

      • LED curing lamps. mectron produces different types of lamp, a cordless versions (starlight pro) and two versions for dental units (starlight s and starlight sler s).