• Dental surgery micromotor control unit MD 11

      Nouvag - Switzerland
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      MD11 motor system is designed for implantology. This motor system can perfectly carry out any step of implantology procedure because of its vast range of motor management and gear ratio. The brand new MD 11 in conjunction with its bigger brother the MD 30 motor system is made with the purpose of putting additional gentleness into the hands. The further creation of its electronic motor and a revolutionary motor control are key players in this new generation of Nouvag motor systems. It has 70 Ncm of optimum torque at the 20:1 contra angle with graphical, real time torque regulation. It also represents the innovative design with gentle edges for convenient cleaning and a display for providing all information all at a glance.


      Application for dental surgery, for dental implantology
      Operation electric
      Ergonomics pedal-operated
      Speed Min.: 300 rpm (1,885 rad.min-1), Max.: 40,000 rpm (251,327.4 rad.min-1)