• Dental Unit Anthos A7 Plus

      Anthos, CEFLA - Italy
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      С предварителна поръчка

      STANDARD COMPOSITION - Dental unit made up of:


      Mounted on a jointed, self-balancing arm,with 44 cm vertical excursion and equipped with pneumatic system of vertical blocking Removable and autoclavable silicone instrument rest. It houses up to 6 instruments (6th instrument as optional). Instrument hoses with quick connection. Each instrument has a no retraction system for the spray, automatic chip-air and spray water adjustment for each single instrument. Safety system that allows the activation of the first extracted instrument only. Locking system of the recall lever of the instruments (syringe excluded). Extractable stainless steel TRAY HOLDER, suitable to house two standard trays. MODULE WITH 6 FUNCTION STAINLESS STEEL SYRINGE 4-WAY MIDWEST MODULE with Fibre Optic MODULE WITH ELECTRIC MICROMOTOR ANTHOS type i-MMs (100 -40.000 rpm / Torque 4.5 Ncm) with LED

      DENTIST'S CONSOLE with coloured SMART TOUCH display and soft keyboard.

      It is possible to set chair position and instrument programs for 3 different users Resistive control console for using the Operative Software and having the following functions: simplified keys for navigating in the settings menu of the functionality of the unit

      -quick start keys for 3 main functions that can be customized 3 different micromotors operating mode: conservative,endodontic, surgery-till 4 possible set up for each working mode. 3 operating mode for scalers (optional) – ablation/endodontic/ periodontium

      -simplified keys for navigating in the settings menu of the functionality of the unit easy regulation for maximum power / speed level supplied by the instruments fibre optic of instruments ON/OFF (luminous intensity can be set) -micromotor rotation inversion Soft keypad for the Operative software with functions for:

      -operating lamp ON/OFF -timed warm water cup filler; timed water bowl flush; free auxiliary control (ex: assistant call) -chair movements -memorization and activation of the 4 working positions + 2 standard positions -rinse program; return-to-zero position activation, activation emergency program -bowl rotation (optional electro-mechanical motion)

      MULTI FUNCTION FOOT CONTROL with the following functions: -activation and progressive adjustment of electrical instruments speed/power; activation chip air and piping rinse -rinse program; return-to-zero position activation; joystick for the activation of chair movements.

      Using the joystick it is possible to activate: operating lamp switching; MM rotation inversion,change of MM operative mode,activation of peristaltic pump These functions operate when the handpiece is extracted; ( to be selected from general MENU)


      Chair mounted, equipped with a dismountable ceramic bowl which has a 270° rotation with electro-mechanical motions. Removable and disinfectable cup filler. Cup detection's sensor Cup filler warm water application Presetting for the MULTIMEDIA system connection SUCTION SYSTEM (wet line) equipped with:

      -mainfold and 2 filters -n° 2 cannulae (1 small, 1 large)


      Fitted on arm with double horizontal joint, equipped with pantograph arm with 34 cm. vertical range Table module with 5 holders able to house 2 suction hoses and 3 additional operating instruments. -additional syringe / curing light / C-U2 integrated camera It is equipped with one-touch keypad featuring:

      -Bioster automatic disinfection cycle start (option) -by-pass of the autonomous system of water feeding with warning light (option) -operating lamp ON/OFF -timed water cup filler; timed water bowl flush; -chair movements and activation of the 12 memorised positions -rinse program; return-to-zero position activation


      Equipped with left armrest in coordinated skai, with electro-mechanical movement of: -up/down movements (min. H 40 cm. ; max. H 81 cm) -Maximum load: 190 kg -Trendelenburg movement synchronized with the backrest motion -safety systems on patient chair base and backrest to prevent entrapment -headrest with double articulation and manually controlled stop -complete with washable and seamless SKAI

      ON/OFF Vacuum Stop device via chair-base control (it can be disactivated on menu)


      Integrated in the patient chair with ON/OFF control for pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical connections Air and water filters.230 V–50 Hz power supply. Low voltage controls. VENUS PLUS OPERATING LAMP fitted to the dental unit: -Luminous intensity 35.000 lux, colour temperature 4.900° K, luminous intensity setting -Removable and sanitazible handles / Easy to clean protective screen / 3 axis rotation -Soft start device with automatic progression of luminous intensity