• Dental Unit TENEO

      Dentsply Sirona
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      С предварителна поръчка

      TENEO Standard unit and packages

      TENEO consists of the standard unit described as follows, which may be
      complemented by the special-offer packages, configuration variations and
      options listed below:

      Patient chair with comfortable upholstery, MultiMotion headrest, up to 4
      programmable treatment positions, S and O position for up to 6 practitioners
      individually programmable.
      Integrated 4-way foot switch.
      Synchronized movements of backrest and seat (ErgoMotion), as well as tilting
      the entire chair without altering the angle between the seat and the
      backrest (OrthoMotion) possible.
      Central junction box for all media and data lines integrated in the chair
      Pre-wired for SIVISION digital

      Dentist element with motor-driven parallel movement, instrument
      holder with 6 positions detachable and thermally disinfectable. User interface
      EasyTouch adapts to user preferences and built-in options.
      Includes supply for three drill-drives and integrated USB interface

      Equipped with:
      1 Turbine hose

      Assistant element with 4 instrument positions, on a height-adjustable
      support arm with wide swivel range.
      Equipped with:
      1 Suction device
      1 Saliva ejector
      Suction volume can be preset by the technician

      Water unit with integrated disinfection device with integrated sanitation
      adapters for the spray water supply of all instruments and tumbler filler.
      With motor-driven swiveling glass cuspidor and tumbler filler.
      Bowl flush and tumbler filling can be controlled from both dentist and assistant
      element. Mounted to the floor.
      Standard equipment with Dürr cuspidor valve for central wet suction, optionally
      amalgam separator or automatic separator possible.